In the beginning…

It’s an honor to be sitting at this desk composing this message to each of you who stop by the Website, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or have subscribed to our mailing list. I think about how incredible it is to have an opportunity to connect with you on behalf of The Right Touch every single day. When Kathy extended a job offer to me, I accepted knowing I would have a slightly different position than anyone who sat at this desk prior. I knew my decades of experience in both running my own business and managing accounts for other businesses would marry; a priceless synchronicity few achieve in their careers. I valued and respect the hard work, dedication, and determination any business owner must possess to culminate over three decades of serving the people of Tucson and surrounding areas. This massage therapy practice has changed significantly since it’s very humble beginnings in the 1980’s. Today, I’m going to take you on a journey looking back.

In the beginning, massage therapists had to follow city licensing requirements as did their office space, which varied in every community. Without a state standard, a variety of unsavory establishments created challenges for therapists who upheld ethics in their work. For these two women, they began The Right Touch with goals, passion, audacity, and guts. In 1988, The Right Touch moved into the same location it is now — 30 years ago!

An advertisement for an apartment complex located near the original practice.

Advertising at the start of the business involved posting flyers on windshields, networking with other businesses, and newspaper, television, and radio ads. Each establishment you went offered the chance to hand out business cards, connect with new people, and build roots deep within the community. It’s the roots developed through every interaction that sustain a small business, especially today.

Advertising now involves websites, social media, and clever marketing campaigns. You can find us in various spaces, but you’ll notice we are a little different. Our goal is to help you find the right massage therapist to suit your needs. We share the types of massage treatments we have, the backgrounds of our therapists, and tidbits of information to explain the benefits of massage. We love to converse, to learn about you, and ensure you are receiving the best care possible — even if that means we recommend another therapist, physician, or physical therapist who could help you better than our practice could.

The sign has changed!

The sign has changed, so have we.  The practice as a whole has evolved greatly over the last three decades. Therapists and office staff have come and gone, different modalities have found their way into treatments, and there is a deeper connection with our clientele. At the present time, our six therapists have a combined 93 years’ experience in bodywork. The diversity in styles and techniques are remarkable, just like every person who walks through our door.

Just as we celebrate the diversity in our staff, we honor the diversity in our community, clientele, and visitors. We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of non-profit organizations, providing massage at local events, and supporting the outreach and celebrations of businesses throughout Tucson. This summer, we have had the pleasure of serving our local first responders and support staff with treatments, donated to multiple organizations including SALEF, and in June and July, we discounted 16 treatments to this diverse, integral part of our community.

One aspect of The Right Touch that has never changed is our focus on serving you. We are here to be an ear to listen, provide wellness treatments, and encourage you to live your best life.

Your dream will only benefit humanity when you make it tangible by living it out.
~ Sunday Adelaja

We are blessed to know you, to meet you, and to serve you. Thank you for your support for more than three decades in Tucson. We wouldn’t be who we are without you — and our appreciation runs deep. Stop by the office when you are in Midtown (Ward 3). We would love to say ‘hello’ and have you drop your name in for the raffle. We are giving away two gift baskets valued at over $200 each with products and gift cards. In addition to our large drawing on September 30, 2018, we are also drawing weekly grab bag winners every Sunday.

Be well, live intently, and love deeply.

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