Welcome to The Right Touch!

All first-time clients in the month of April have their choice of a free Sonoran Desert Hand and Foot Scrub or a Lavender Facial Fomentation with treatments of one-hour or longer. 

Our Sonoran Desert Hand and Foot scrub is locally made and sourced from certified organic, ethically farmed, or wild harvested plants. Fresh, pure, and aromatic like the desert rains; the desert scrub is delightful to slough off old skin while deeply moisturizing the skin beneath.

Our fomentation is like a poultice; gentle and refreshing. Facial towels are soaked in lavender-infused warm water and wrapped around the face. The skin absorbs the herbal properties while you inhale relaxation.

When you call to book your appointment, please let the desk know which addon you would like. 

Lavender Fomentation regularly $25 | Sonoran Hand and Foot Scrub regularly $20

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