Therapists who care provide greater service to the people they treat. In our office, each therapist sits down to discuss a client’s individual needs before customizing a treatment plan to enhance their overall wellness. This plan can include areas of tension and pain, discussing life stressors, and what goals can be met in the visit. The therapist might suggest incorporating hot packs, various salves for specific problem areas, or specialized massage techniques to address the root issues. Each massage treatment is unique to each unique person. As one client recently stated: 


“I don’t feel taken for granted.”

I have a physically demanding job and received table Shiatsu for several years. My therapist moved on so I searched online for someone else. After receiving a shiatsu treatment at one establishment that hurt me badly, I continued my search.

When I called the Right Touch, I was immediately impressed by the receptionist. She listened to my experience and was helpful in connecting me with a therapist that would best fit my needs. That was in 2015 and I have been coming in every other week since.

The difference at the Right Touch is that I don’t feel taken for granted. Before each treatment, the therapist and I discuss what needs to be addressed that day. Since receiving treatments here, I no longer need acupuncture and seldom see my chiropractor. The twice a month treatments have kept my sciatica at bay for some time.

K.L., Real Estate Broker

Tucson Business Owner since 1996

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