Tour de Tucson

It’s time for El Tour de Tucson!

Every Saturday before Thanksgiving, people from around the world converge in Tucson, Arizona to participate in El Tour de Tucson. The cycling event includes riders of all experience levels through the fun ride and 25, 50, 75, and 100-mile treks amidst the beautiful Santa Catalina Mountains. No matter your skill level, you can benefit from pre or post race sports massage.

Studies indicate recipients felt less fatigue and recovered more quickly following post-exertional workouts/races with sports massage. The full list of benefits noted includes:

  • Increased range of motion (ROM)
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased lactic acid buildup removal
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Decreased neuro-excitability (nerves are more relaxed)
  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Decreased delayed-onset muscle pain (DOMS)

Whether you participate in the full race or an indoor cycling event to benefit local and national non-profits, our staff welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your wellness goals. Through Monday, November 19, 2018, when you bring in proof of your participation in El Tour de Tucson, we will discount $5 off a 30-minute or $10 off any 60-minute or longer treatment. Proof of participation can include a copy of your registration, racing number, or a certificate of achievement.

Combined, our therapists have over 70 years of experience in providing massage wellness. Give us a call today!


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