Aromatherapy can make a great massage even better. We love the power and intention behind Kate’s Magik anointing oils and the simplicity of the single notes. When you arrive at The Right Touch before your scheduled massage, you will always be offered the opportunity to select an essential oil for use during your treatment.

Sweet, spicy, calming, or invigorating. Always your choice.

We maintain a display case in our lobby where every oil can be sampled prior to making your selection. Some of our most commonly selected blends include:

  • Creativity & Performance (spicy)
    • A grounding blend to inspire creative expression and enhance performance. This blend helps connect to your creative source and removes artistic blocks.
      • Cedarwood + Patchouli
  • Healing (sweet/calming)
    • Helps summon your healing power to promote wellness and ease emotional discomfort. This blend creates restorative vibrations to support the healing process and instill joy, faith, health, and vitality.
      • Lavender + Bergamont
  • Healing of the Heart (calming)
    • A soothing blend to help rejuvenate a wounded, sad, or grieving heart.
      • Rose otto + Lavender
  • Meditation & Trance (spicy/calming)
    • This blend is set with the intention of keeping the mind centered while awakening spiritual vision. It is the perfect blend for rituals, prayers, or mantras.
      • Sandalwood + Frankincense
  • Moon Goddess (sweet/invigorating)
    • Uplifting and calming, this blend encourages a lust for life, helps remove worries, and supports hormonal balance.
      • Jasmine Blend
  • Peace & Purification (calming)
    • Ease stress and mental turmoil with the calming blend also known to instill tranquility, promote deep relaxation, and release tension in the head and neck.
      • Chamomile + Lavender
  • Sun of Success (invigorating)
    • A sunny blend fosters communication and opens doors. It helps achieve goals in the wearer’s personal life, career, creativity, legal matters, health, and more.
      • Citrus + Frankincense

In addition to these popular aromas, we offer many more for use during treatment and purchase in-store. As part of ushering in 35 years of service, Kate’s Magik has also donated some items not offered at our practice including luscious Aura Mists! When you stop in for a treatment, please also fill out a raffle to win these items and so much more. Our gift baskets are valued at just over $200 each and we are also drawing weekly grab bag winners!

Thank you to Kate’s Magik for being part of our journey.


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