As a business, we are elated to offer gift certificates to our clients. The gentle reminder for someone to nurture themselves is priceless in today’s busy world. We offer treatment specific gift certificates to accommodate treatment time as well as a dollar amount you choose. We have always included an expiration date on our gift certificates. Unfortunately, there are times when someone doesn’t make it in to redeem their treatment before the expiration because it was lost or accidentally discarded. We know how awful that is.

While all of our gift certificates have an expiration date listed, that doesn’t mean you lose. We are happy to honor the purchase amount towards any treatment after the expiration. For example:

John purchases a 90-minute gift certificate for his mother, Mary, at Christmastime 2016. The gift was purchased with a discount at that time, reducing the price from $105.00 to $90. The gift certificate expired at the end of 2017. In August 2018, Mary remembered the gift certificate and called to see if it was still valid. We explained to Mary we would be happy to apply the $90 credit towards a treatment of her choice and she would be charged the balance due. Mary opted to book a 60-minute hot-stone treatment for $100 and paid the $10 difference at the time of her visit.

As with Mary, all of our gift certificates are treated in the same manner. We value you and the people you love. Stop by and pick up your no-hassle gift of wellness today.

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