In honor of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, today we are going to talk about massage and fascia. Our knowledge and understanding of fascia, and its important in the body, has grown over the last few years thanks to evidence based research and advances in medical technology. This new information has expanded our comprehension of how massage can impact all body systems and organs just by working on the body’s surface.

So What Is Fascia?

It is a connective tissue that wraps around every muscle, envelops all organs and attaches into all bones. it is basically a weaving web that binds all muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons together and helps to keep organs in place. It is a strong structure that transfers pulling forces throughout the whole body. Our sensory nerve fibers live in the fascia as well as blood and lymphatic vessels.

How Can Massage Impact Fascia and Our Health?

Muscle structures can be put back into position as fascia is released and moved by massage. Stiff and tense fibers are broken down which releases pinched nerves and increases the flow of blood and lymph. Massage can affect internal structures via the fascia, as the connective tissue runs from the superficial skin layer through to the deep layer of organs and bones. Massage affects the whole body by transferring the pressure of massage along the body’s myofascial meridians. These linear myofascial units are interconnected from head to toe and wrap around the body as well. they can transfer the pain at one muscle to another, which means the cause of a sore point might actually be from a distant location. The meridians can also transfer the release of adhered fibers, provided by the pressure of massage, so the entire body can be positively affected even when the massage is focused on a specific area.

So come on in and treat yourself to a WHOLE BODY healing experience!

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