Discount Announcement

First of all, thank you to all of our clients who have responded to our survey through SurveyMonkey. We appreciate your feedback and candor regarding discount and rewards available in-office. If you have not yet responded, you are invited to do so through the link above. 

Over the years, we have offered a variety of discounts to our clients through different channels including Facebook, Instagram, this Website, and exclusive to our mailing list. We are shifting how we approach discount days and have decided to offer one day each week exclusive to discounted rates for both individual treatments and double bookings. Because of this shift, you will only receive updates, semi-annual package deals, and newsletter emails moving forward.

Wednesday | Discount Day

Effective April 10, 2019, all hour-long treatments are $65 and 90-minute treatments are $95 on Wednesdays. If you elect to book with a friend or significant other, you will find additional savings of $5 per treatment.

Join us on Wednesday and save!

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